Prolonged furosemide exposure and risk of abnormal newborn hearing screen in premature infants

Early Human Development • October 2018.

Wang LA, Smith PB, Laughon M, Goldberg RN, Ku LC, Zimmerman KO, Balevic S, Clark RH, Benjamin DK, Greenberg RG; Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act – Pediatric Trials Network Steering Committee.

At very high doses, furosemide is linked to ototoxicity in adults, but little is known about the risk of hearing loss in premature infants exposed to furosemide. Our aim was to evaluate the association between prolonged furosemide exposure and abnormal hearing screening in premature infants.

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Comparative effectiveness of 3 surfactant preparations in premature infants

Journal of Pediatrics • October 2013.

Trembath A, Hornik CP, Clark R, Smith PB, Daniels J, Laughon M; Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act—Pediatric Trials Network.

To compare effectiveness of 3 surfactant preparations (beractant, calfactant, and poractant alfa) in premature infants for preventing 3 outcomes: (1) air leak syndromes; (2) death; and (3) bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) or death (composite outcome).

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