National Survey of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Medication Safety Practices

American Journal of Perinatology • November 2018.

Greenberg RG, Smith PB, Bose C, Clark RH, Cotten CM, DeRienzo C.

We conducted a detailed survey to identify medication safety practices among a large network of United States neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). We created a 53-question survey to assess 300 U.S. NICU’s demographics, medication safety practices, adverse drug event (ADE) reporting, and ADE response plans.

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Prevalence and safety of diazoxide in the neonatal intensive care unit

Journal of Perinatology • November 2018.

Laughon MM, Benjamin DK Jr, Capparelli EV, Kearns GL, Berezny K, Paul IM, Wade K, Barrett J, Smith PB, Cohen-Wolkowiez M.

Diazoxide is used to treat infants with persistent hypoglycemia, but the prevalence of its use and adverse effects are not well described. We report demographic and clinical characteristics of infants treated with diazoxide in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).

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Medication use in the neonatal intensive care unit

American Journal of Perinatology • October 2014.

Hsieh EM, Hornik CP, Clark RH, Laughon MM, Benjamin DK Jr, Smith PB; Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act—Pediatric Trials Network.

The aim of the article is to provide an update on medication use in infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the United States and examine how use has changed over time. We performed a retrospective review (2005-2010) of a large prospectively collected administrative database.

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