Research-Ready With >100 Clinical Sites

The PTN comprises over 100 clinical research sites, including leading pediatric hospitals and academic institutions. This assembly of experienced, research-ready sites allows for efficient study startup and conduct. Trial infrastructure remains in place from one study to the next, conserving resources.

Infrastructure That Makes Difficult Research Possible

Pediatric research presents special challenges, such as

  • Need for specialized clinical and pharmacology expertise
  • Difficulty testing very small amounts of blood
  • Ethical concerns

The PTN provides scientific, technical, and administrative infrastructure to ensure that trials obtain valid results in a safe, ethical, and efficient manner:

Core Leadership

Other Collaborators

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Investigator Spotlight

Adam Frymoyer: PTN Principal Investigator at the University of California–San Francisco Combining a passion for pediatric care with an interest in pharmacology, Adam Frymoyer contributes a multi-dimensional perspective to the Pediatric Trials Network. He’s a pediatrician who enjoys providing care for newborns, both those who are well and those who are sick and in need of special treatment to make the transition home. He’s also a ...



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