Characterization of the population pharmacokinetics of ampicillin in neonates using an opportunistic study design

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy • June 2014.

Tremoulet A, Le J, Poindexter B, Sullivan JE, Laughon M, Delmore P, Salgado A, Ian-U Chong S, Melloni C, Gao J, Benjamin DK Jr, Capparelli EV, Cohen-Wolkowiez M; Administrative Core Committee of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act-Pediatric Trials Network.

Although ampicillin is the most commonly used drug in neonates, developmental pharmacokinetic (PK) data to guide dosing are lacking. Ampicillin is primarily renally eliminated, and developmental changes are expected to influence PK. We conducted an open-label, multicenter, opportunistic, prospective PK study of ampicillin in neonates stratified by gestational age (GA) (≤ 34 or >34 weeks) and postnatal age (PNA) (≤ 7 or >7 days).

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