Kelli Brown: PTN Study Coordinator at the University of Louisville and Kosair Children’s Hospital

When asked about her research staff in the Kosair Charities Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at the University of Louisville and Kosair Children’s Hospital, Dr. Janice Sullivan is quick to recognize Kelli Brown, the primary coordinator for the POPS study at her site. “She is doing a tremendous job!” effuses Dr. Sullivan.

A research nurse coordinator for pediatric studies, Ms. Brown oversees everything from organizing the overall study and site initiation visit to screening patients for potential trial participation and helping to ensure that the trial protocol is followed to the letter. “She wears many hats in a given day,” notes Dr. Sullivan, “but Kelli never drops the ball and does it all with an easy smile.”

Ms. Brown’s professional interests run the gamut from the basic building blocks of life to the big picture. “Pediatrics and genetics intrigue me,” she explains. “DNA analysis and its potential for tailoring the treatment of disease are tremendous developments in medical practice.” On the other hand, she’s also very interested in exploring the benefits of holistic and alternative medicine for treating the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—as opposed to focusing only on his or her disease. “It’s hard to ignore the relevance of the mind and spirit to the healing process,” she observes.

Recently married last September, Ms. Brown and her husband enjoy hiking, biking, and traveling. In her alone time, she indulges in painting, cooking, and baking. Soon, however, her off hours will be filled with school work, as she has been accepted to the University of Louisville for an MSN program with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner.