Adam Frymoyer: PTN Principal Investigator at the University of California–San Francisco

Combining a passion for pediatric care with an interest in pharmacology, Adam Frymoyer contributes a multi-dimensional perspective to the Pediatric Trials Network. He’s a pediatrician who enjoys providing care for newborns, both those who are well and those who are sick and in need of special treatment to make the transition home. He’s also a recipient of advanced training in clinical pharmacology (the science of drugs and their clinical use). Drawing on the knowledge gained from these distinct experiences, Dr. Frymoyer helps the PTN design pediatric drug studies, as well as analyze and interpret their findings, taking into account the unique physiology of infants and children.

He’s particularly interested in understanding the variation in drug response seen in pediatric populations. Because developing organs and changes in metabolism throughout infancy and childhood affect how drugs are processed, dosing of medicines must be adjusted to protect these vulnerable patients. Using approaches based in pharmacokinetics (what the body does to the drug) and pharmacodynamics (what the drug does to the body), Dr. Frymoyer hopes to develop more personalized therapeutic dosing strategies, with the goal of making medicines more safe and effective for infants and children.

On the home front, he’s kept on his toes by two daughters, who busy him with trips to the beach, acting silly, and reading books. In his spare moments, Dr. Frymoyer enjoys surfing, playing basketball, and golfing. He’s also trying his hand at home-brewing beer; early efforts have resulted in batches that he, at least, finds tasty.