Efficacy and Safety Study Comparing Lorazepam and Diazepam for Children in the Emergency Department With Seizures

Study comparing efficacy and safety of diazepam and lorazepam, two commonly used drugs for the treatment of seizures in children


Children with seizures are frequently seen in the emergency department. The drug lorazepam, which is commonly used as initial therapy for children with seizures, is not labeled for this use by the FDA. Despite this fact, many experts support the use of lorazepam over diazepam for seizures in children, citing longer duration, increased effectiveness, and a lower incidence of respiratory depression. The FDA requested that a study be performed comparing lorazepam with diazepam, a drug that is labeled by the FDA for this indication. The study will show whether one drug is more effective and safe than the other.

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    Clinical study report submitted to FDA

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    Principal Investigator:
    James Chamberlain, MD
    Children's National, Washington, DC